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Mangosteen! What in the world is it?

Welcome to My Mangosteen informational site.  I built this site so that folks that don't want to be bombarded with all the commercialization can obtain information.  I am a distributor of the only mangosteen fruit juice that contains at least 85% of mangosteen juice made from the "whole fruit".

Why is this important?  Because when using the whole fruit (to include the outer rind called pericarp) you get ALL of those amazing Xanthones (super anti-oxidents) that fight free radicals at the cellular level. 

My mission on this site is to give you information on this wonderful fruit and then if you would like to taste this flavorful non-carbonated juice beverage, you can then follow the link at the bottom of the page.

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Enjoy your visit and thank you for coming!

Holly Hendrick

Lebanon, Missouri

Where does it come from?

The Mangosteen Fruit comes from Southeast Asia. Others have tried to grow these bountiful trees but it seems that the only place it can grow is along the 20 degree mark south of the equator. 

As early as 600 A.D., scribes in Southeast Asia recorded the use of the mangosteen as a general remedy and healing agent.  Healers brewed whole-fruit teas to control fever and ward off infections of every kind.  They also prepared poultices to topically treat eczema and other skin/wound disorders.  The early benefits of the mangosteen are both broad and convincing.

Legend has it that Queen Victoria offered knighthood to any subject who could bring her a mangosteen fruit in prime condition.  Sadly, no one succeeded.  The viertual impossibilit of preserving the fruit during the weeks-long journey prohibited anyone outside of the growing regions from enjoying the sensational power of the mangosteen. But because of the Queens' admirable quests, the fruit achieve the heralded title, "Queen of Fruits".


Wellness and Income at home!

If you would like to contact me personally about XanGo Juice you can e-mail me at or visit my business site and watch a couple of the short videos on the juice and the business of being a distributor. Go to Please, fill out the short survey and let me know your thoughts and comments.

Thank you for visiting my site. My whole family is benefiting from this wonderful tasting juice as well as the income it generates for us. It allows me to be a stay at home mom. Im a single parent so this is really great for me. It could be great for you too.

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Xanthones stand alone in their impressive benefits. A They have been proven in many scietific studies (see ) to promote healthy bodily function.  The whole mangosteen fruit, packed with naturally occurring xanthones, may help:

maintain intestinal health

strengthen the immune system

neutralize free radicals

support cartilage and joint function

promote a healthy seasonal respiratory system

The Juice

How do you develop a premium dietary supplement?  By creating a process just as innovative as the product itself.  After harvest, mangosteen fruit is washed and prepared through a specifically designed system; at the same time, pre-ship samples are tested and approved before the harvest is accepted and prepared for production.  Fruit that meets strict quality guidelines is then submitted to a multi-stage process to protect the xanthone content, nutritional integrity and flavor.  To meet demand and secure a fresh product, XanGo Juice is formulated and manufactured daily.

The premium standard of XanGo Juice is guaranteed through a number of quality controls:

Definition and analysis of every processing step

Implementation of CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices)

FDA and USDA audits

Hundreds of quality control tests, checks, balances and processes-from orchard to order fulfillment

ISO certification of our manufacturing partner in the formulation of XanGo Juice

XanGo Juice is bottled by Wild Flavors,Inc. bottler of other non-carbonated beverages such as Capri Sun, RedBull and many others.